I hear the door slam
I hear your footsteps on the floor
Your creeping out
On your tiptoes

The room gets dark now
When the dusty curtain falls
Itís me in front
And you behind the walls

[BRIDGE] Hear me laughing - hear me screaming

At night the darkness
Absorbs your visible world
And the daybreak
Spits you out

Hope you get back here
To calm and wake me up again
Before next nightmare

[BRIDGE] Hear me laughing - hear me screaming

The gates of night will open up letting demons in your dreams
As ghosts of past will slowly gain the upper-hand
creating access
to the subconscious
nightmarish like a painting
captured in a picture
a prisoner in your dreams
you cannot scream

When it goes round and round
Your heading for the door
And your feet loses ground
You fall down to the floor
Your eyes are closed now
Your silent, deaf and blind
Your lifeís confused now
And also is your mind

Must be a nightmare

[BRIDGE] Hear me laughing - hear me screaming